Cherie and I sat down for the fourth time to share what had become our biggest success milestones and realisations as we passed yet another threshold in our book writing Journey!

We placed some goals for when we plan to have our books out and how we want it to land with our readers also we shared the idea for a possible ‘book party’ coming up.
Cherie and My First Book Progress Conversation
Cherie and I sat down for the first time to talk and discuss about the sections and to exchange insights.
Video Podcast Interview with Cherie Ha Talking about our Book Progress
Cherie and I sat down for the first time to dive deeper into the sections of our book and create some accountable dates to have our rough draft complete, we did all of this in plain sight and in front of each other and you!
We sat down to review recent chapters from our book; Heal and Youth
Cherie and I sat down for the third time to openly review sections of our book for the very first time in front of each other and you! This is real, raw and deep reaction with no scripting and has become the most in depth discussion of our books, their purpose and why we are doing this in the first place to date!

Deciding your destiny is something you can utter that easy! A phrase which you may see common and many would not give an eye of importance and ear of urgency. However, pause and look back, ask yourself, did you really decide your destiny? Did you listen to your heart’s desire or you have listen to what other hearts desire for you? Are you really walking the path you endeavor for yourself?

There are moments in our lives that we feel empty and it is funny when there were days we cannot even satisfy our own hunger – hungry of passion, hungry of achievement, hungry of our dreams, hungry of knowing our life’s purpose. Thus, mate, shows you need to attend to yourself and see if you are living the life your heart beats.

On this channel you’re going to find literally hundreds of videos to assist you in personal growth. A lot of these videos are extracted from the heart and soul power of human beings and the lessons learned so that we can help catapult your journey along positive transformation. The resourceful topics we will dive deep into and look to gain knowledge from cover the vast plains of complexity our heart and souls are made up of such as purpose, heroes, community, connection, mental health strategies, inspirational people and many more. We also have live interviews and conversations that extract implementable tools that you could be using in your life. So, subscribe and begin watching here on YouTube, and then head to our website for access to tons more free resources. Happy Personal Growing!