DECIDE YOUR DESTINY: From a 33 percent chance of surviving to living out my dream life in every single heartbeat.

Are you fed up with not reaching your full potential, feeling stuck, stagnant and directionless from day today with no clear path?
Are you looking for a map to take you from dictated destiny to destiny decided by me on my own spiritual terms and as fast and as thoroughly as possible? Whilst at the same time avoiding the delusions that distract you from expanding your full being and capability?
In the strategic and transformative memoir, Kyle Spyrides reveals the embodied philosophy that fueled the resurrection of his destiny taking him from a life chained to mental and spiritual internal corrosion to a life where he commands the direction of his legacy in every single heartbeat.
Through the Decide Your Destiny you will extract:
  • Kyle’s Heart and Soul method that takes you from betraying your gifted heartbeats to extracting the essence of your spiritual ability in every single beat
  • How to embody the right philosophy to see you laughing and toasting all the way into your final days (have a better life experience that most will have to suffer through many lifetimes to realise)
  • How to become the Hero of your life’s story no matter how little you think of yourself
  • The 7 step manual that you can use to successfully launch your life into the direction of your choosing
  • Save yourself decades of pain, suffering and unethical to your destiny behaviour
  • How to evolve to showing up for other people’s destiny
Decide Your Destiny equips the reader with the key to unravel a wayward life direction, limited life experience, restricted and really a total choked out of existence potential so you can unlock the the authority of taking your destiny into your own hands and avoid picking up the leftovers of a ‘borrowed’ life existence.
Decide Your Destiny shows up for you to show up yourself and no longer neglect the responsibility you have to rise to your greatest embodiment in every heartbeat.
Decide Your Destiny will stir the greatness within you that has been lying dormant for god knows how long.
Decide Your Destiny helps you to cultivate an invincible spirit moving you with urgency and deep purpose toward the mission you showed up in this realm to fulfil. This boosts every area of your life that you wish to succeed in, and c’mon, you really should be succeeding in all of them.
Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t delay your desired destiny.
Read this book and unlock the frequency of having your heart and soul aligned to the integrity of your life’s mission.
Decide Your Destiny shows up for you to show up yourself and no longer neglect the responsibility you have to rise to your greatest embodiment in every heartbeat.

$33.00  – Paperback

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Rated 5 out of 5
September 12, 2022

An extremely compelling read.

Kyle reveals the trials and tribulations that made him a more resilient and hardworking person, and the tools needed to improve and succeed in your own life. What makes this such a good read, is it is not only easy to dissect, but has plenty of mini exercises littered throughout for you to take proactive action to better yourself and the way you not only analyse things, but deal with situations that come your way.

Kyle doesn’t bore you incessantly with trivial matters. He gets to the nitty gritty and exposes the clear facts: you need to be proactive in your own life to deal with any issue that comes your way and understand that to truly be happy is through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

Hilarious and entertaining, inspiring and heartbreakingly vulnerable, Decide your Destiny has the absolute potential to be life changing.


No Title

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2022

This book is an inspirational tale that has themes that everyone can apply and see their lives improve.

Kyle takes us on a wonderful journey, you can feel his passion come through in every chapter.

Derek Clarke

Heartfelt, heart matters

Rated 5 out of 5
September 18, 2022

This book is inspirational. Kyle’s journey from near death to living his dream left me in tears. The power of the human mind can never be underestimated. Thanks for inspiring me to follow my own destiny Kyle. A great read.

Britelle Humfrey